Men Who Share My Name

by Hip Hatchet

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Re-released by Gravitation records on August 15th, 2011, Men Who Share My Name is Hip Hatchet's Debut album.


released August 15, 2011

Engineered by Philippe Bronchtein
Mixed by Tim Shrout


all rights reserved



Hip Hatchet Nashville, Tennessee

With a voice that can meander from a whispering purr to a hardened howl, Hip Hatchet lusters the poetics of travel. Threading bold and unique guitar picking patterns with the strings of experience Hip Hatchet, the songwriting moniker of Philippe Bronchtein, is the beautiful resolution of a life lived in motion. ... more

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Track Name: Tyrant
Babe I'm turning tyrant
Turning into fear
Swallowing your silence
And bursting at the seams
you opened the door said "I was wrong"
I took your coat and kissed your arms

Your weight presses in my chest
Leave your mind behind
And slip into that dress.

I got a dragon inside my head
In a few more weeks he'll for sure be dead
Cold blue lips shrinking eyes
Shift your frame babe and start your lies

Your weight presses in my chest
Leave your mind behind
And slip into that dress.
Track Name: Warm and Alone
Speak your name
From your core
Open your eyes
Like a dresser drawer

Cup your hands
And Drink up Fast
You live too slow
Trying to die last

Warm and Alone
Open your window
Just like your arms
So long and strong

Come back home
To what you know
Rediscover faith
Rediscover hope

Do you miss
Those dark dense roads
The infected air threw you
Into throes

Of a darkened labor
But a bottle of wine
Won't help you sleep.
Track Name: Small Hands
Life and living, just ain't the same
Call me a cynic or call me insane
I'll be waiting for you to come home
waiting by the station, all alone.

Am I not what you expected
Am I not what you need
Am I a man who does not fit your needs
are my hands too small for your dirty deeds

Jesus christ you don't look so well
I never seen you look so frail
I know I said I was yours for forever
but drinking all this whiskey doesn't make it any better

But I'll be waiting now, I'll be waiting for forever.
I'll be sitting down, drinking loud and hard.
Staring at my wrists, wondering if they bend
hearing about men, men who share my name

Write on your arm, just how it feels
to grow a year older, to reveal
the marks on your neck, and the sadness in your eyes
shaking knees when you finally arrive.

A glowing orange hand with nineteen fingers
one for each of your years.
rested on my neck and dug into my back
blinded both my eyes and won't come back.
Track Name: Sun Can't Walk
The way she touched her wrist will haunt me
scars guarded by her lips and lovers

The sun can't walk beside you
If you can't even say your name

Look me me in the eyes when you say
That you'll love me now and forever

Man, I don't remember much
but I do recall

Your trip to montreal to see him
a gentle loving boy you know

I ain't got a gun
but fists will have to do

She robbed me blind and left for new york city
her eyes were facing down at the floor

Stare all you want
but this train won't take you home

back into my arms where you belong.
your eyes towards mountains tall that shame my hands

I am not a man
who knows when to let things go

Drinking is a way to pass the time
clear nights are too hard when your not mine

sit back in my chair
and listen to the songs

Of singers who have dared to claim their lives
Thoughts and failed loves were their demise

Nothing will repulse me more
than the lies

that I will tell the girls after you
kiss them in the hair and say I love you too
Track Name: Wild Plant
A Wild Plant you wrote for me
Your eyes were dark but so were we

Our hands are tied
Our eyes are wide

This drunken man in all his splendor
sits alone and remembers
Building castles, filling cracks,
A sister's love, and a watered back.

It was you who left
as far as I can recollect

I can't unload my fists into
the shaking boy who slept with you

Ghosts don't go down fast
When your eyes are looking back
Our hands are tied
Our eyes are wide

Your hands are the marvel in a child's eye
swollen wide from crying tries

Be my woman be my wife
Hold my ankles hold our strife
in your hands
the marvel in a child's eye
Track Name: God Love
Do you believe in God?
His eyes, his hands, his heart.
The way he walks and strokes his face
Breathing lightly so you feel safe

I've never known too much
I drink and ride into the dust
I believe what I can touch
Dark guitars and a Lady's love.

Paint me a picture with my beard
darkened wolves who hide in fear
Your lips are gods because I believe
in things that stay close to me

care for me.
care for me, your king
kiss my eyes and believe my lies
teach my science and teach me sighs

Do you believe in Love?
Her eyes, her hands, her heart.
The way she smells and tilts her head,
the way she looks when she''s lying in bed.
Track Name: Name Weight
Do you know my name, my dear?
it starts with your hands, and ends at my ears.
I cannot see through the thick of my eyes
This is our way of telling a lie

I know I'll be drinking the night before,
just know that I love you, know I adore
the way that you hold me when I sleep
your hand on my neck and eyes on my chest.

Your eyes get wide at the sound of my sigh
As I stumble through the hills of your thighs,
blind and useless though I may appear
the weight of my body is heavy with fear.

The floor is a sea, that I have prepared
to keep you from leaving, to keep you impaired
learn to speak my name my dear,
keep your lips close to my ears.
Track Name: Hungry Wolves
Come down to the house
where I sleep and die
come down where the hungry wolves
try to satisfy their wives

Reach their throats up to the sky
and ask the heavens why
our words are meaningless
without a man up in the sky

I found love in the hills of my youth
her winter had just ended and her hands were cold
put them in my beard as i push my mouth to yours
tell me that you love me, tell me I look old

The man that i have learned to live
has not been seen in days
a shaven lonely drunken fool
stands there in his place
with his arms around his neck
he will sit and cry
staring at his broken shoes
tears falling on his thighs

Come down to the valley
the place where i was born
man, i don't believe
in no miracles no more
If my chest was to cave in
would you kiss me 'till i died
take pennies from your pockets
and put them in my eyes.
Track Name: Fist Hold
I held your fists inside my mouth
kept them warm and out of the sun
your fingers are waves
roaring and near
casually breaking in old wooden doors
like sweats and tears

I can't wait to grow gray and old
complain that the youth never do what they're told
remember my loves and think about god
wait around to die and be remembered as cold

I kept your wrists, right by my side
for when it's too cold and I can't use mine
oh my dear
I know a man who loves like a king
smiles with teeth as light as his skin
smile for me

I can't wait to grow grey and old
complain that youth never do what they're told
remember my loves and think about god
wait to die and be remembered as cold

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