Hold You Like A Harness

by Hip Hatchet

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released April 14, 2015

Produced by Tim Shrout and Philippe Bronchtein
Engineered and Mixed by Tim Shrout
Mastered by Gus Elg at Sky Onion Mastering

Recorded in Portland, Oregon at Secret Society and Jalopy.
Pedal Steel, Piano and Organ recorded by Raymond Richards In Los Angeles, California
Electric Guitar recorded by Scott Davis in Austin, Texas

Performed by:

Philippe Bronchtein - Acoustic Guitar & Vocals
Sam Mckinstry - Bass
Ryan Spellman Drums
Scott Davis - Electric Guitar
Greg Vincent - Pedal Steel
Zak Borden - Mandolin
Ty Bailie - Piano, Organ
Nathan Crockett - Violin
Jennifer Woodall - Clarinet, Bass Clarinet
Anna Hoone - Vocals
Daniel Sheron - Vocals

Artwork by Markel Uriu
Layout by Michael Pendergast

Copyright 2015


all rights reserved



Hip Hatchet Nashville, Tennessee

With a voice that can meander from a whispering purr to a hardened howl, Hip Hatchet lusters the poetics of travel. Threading bold and unique guitar picking patterns with the strings of experience Hip Hatchet, the songwriting moniker of Philippe Bronchtein, is the beautiful resolution of a life lived in motion. ... more

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Track Name: Hold You Like A Harness
Your teeth were rattling harder
Than a robber's tommy gun
The lighter you couldn't leave alone
As you told of a boy that you'd known
Ask if i get strange
When you mention certain words
I guess I'll just pretend
I'm much harder of a man than i actually am

So I bought myself a wallet
To hold the money i don’t have
Called you on a Sunday
To try and make some plans
Hold you like a harness
And ask if you were free
To find out if you had been seeing
Anyone but me

You always wear a scarf
Wrapped around your neck like diamonds and gold
The softest wall I tore away
Was the one that kept you safe from the cold
There's a way that this thing ends as clear to me
As the words from my oldest friends
Man, i can't commit for shit
but damn can I act and pretend
Track Name: Coward's Luck
The countertop is cold
Like the tree from which it rose
Elbows lean against the wood
As kisses and tabs close

Darling oh, I guarantee
That my love is valid
But the weight that you’ve been carrying
Is nothing short of tragic

I can fill up all my days
With the laziest distractions
The prettiest girls without no names
The vices no different than the shame

And oh i grow cold
As i spread apart my toes
And try to grip the ground
As my shoulders implode

Wake up with my glasses on
And hell to pay again
The walls and windows call me out
And say the floors a friend

My stomach says to eat
But my heart’s too weak to cook
This coward’s luck I lean on
Has got me feeling like a crook

I'll sit upon my hands
As i look for love
Assume that one day all of this
Will undoubtedly dissolve

And oh i grow cold
As i spread apart my toes
And try to grip the ground
As my shoulders implode
Track Name: Small Bird Song
You always seem to strike me
As a Helen of Troy
Sending sons off to war
Making men of boys

And grace ain’t hard to fall from
When you're sitting up so high
It's the way in which you tumble
The speed that you collide

Like a hammer with an anvil
Like a lake beneath the rain
With the lowest low you've ever known
In the age that you've obtained

Babe I'm bound for angels
Where the ten meets the five
I followed odd numbers up north
And the evens side to side

Being headed home
Is a special kind of hell
Where the fire that you burn in
Is one you built yourself

You know I keep a temper
Like the song of a small bird
Begging for sweet summer
To remember her

If home is where the heart is
I guess it's just as well
I must have left my home in Denver
With a glowing girl

Talk to me of Texas
and the time you spent there
About that gypsy girl in a border town
And the visions she saw clear

With your skin as soft as sawdust
And a smile’s crooked charm
Baby, drinking helped to pass the time
But this is moving on

On a westbound road towards Tuscon
With the desert passing by
The sky hung like a hammock
Rocked me like a lullaby
Track Name: Travel Map
My lungs were hanging heavy
And my neck was swollen shut
I was keeping it together
Like a real man must

Shaking hands from drinking
Tired eyes from sleep
Deprived over the course
Of the past several weeks

I was talking to a girl
With a view on the world
As ragged as my jacket
And as narrow as the words

I fed to her and hoped she'd see
The man I'd hid beneath
Tender as a traveler
That offered up to her

To use my back
As a travel map
You could dig your fingers in the places
You would like to go

You could undress your hair
And be naked
Only for me
And nobody else

Let your tongue
Have wanderlust
Let it seal my skin
Like an envelope must

Be sent away
Towards better days
When you will laugh
At all my desperate praise

The coffee in this place
Must be fucking laced
I feel like I might puke
And I can't concentrate

On the who the what when where and how
And lips that rested on
My shoulder only days before
When i thought that we were strong

I know I was pushing harder
Than any laborer on earth
Lifting with my back
And just begging to get hurt

Submerge it all in water
And let the ink bleed out
Our locations slowly fading
As desire turns to doubt
Track Name: David's Wolves
I met a girl down in new orleans
She took me in, gave me a place sleep
I didn’t know or care how she looked or felt
But i remember my hair and the way that it smelt.

The man i know, who lives there now
He's picked me up, and we've fallen down
He taught me how to drink, and furrow my brow
We would laugh at ourselves, and man would it be loud

Another friend, who shares his name
He has two wolves, that he keeps in a cage
And he lets the right one out, depending on how
Much hell he wants to raise, in this tiny little town

They call me out, when I hold my breath
On the things I said, against the things I meant
They tell me that I, was rarely ever right
but I've been drunk for days, not to mention nights

But above all, I love them dear
They understand, my foolish fears
We shave off a few years, over cigarettes and beers
We believe some little lies, about the women we've held near
Track Name: Ladies Night
Ladies Night

Meet me down by ladies night
That beacon in the sky
Where pretty girls get twirled around
Until they recognize

That loves about being turned and dipped
And moving your feet in time
I’d love to be your rhythm king
And move your body with mine

But what about that boy your with
With whiskers on his chin
Man that kid can't dance for shit
So what do you see in him

Is it that he doesn't collapse
In the way that i do
Or is it his distracted charm
That pierces your mouth like a hook

Slowly but surely i'm losing sight
Of what it is that i do
A fading horizon peeling away
Like a grade school child with glue

Of all of the people i've loved and missed
I hope i never have to miss you
For more than just a couple of days
A week at the most maybe two

Eight months since i have known what i need
The beauty and calm she exudes when she sleeps
The sweet expectation that morning can bring
After a night when your hips twist and swing
Track Name: Tacoma Bound
Generous and young
Won't you pull me like a con
And slam me like a hammer
While i'm sinking like an anchor

And watch me shake my shame
Like a flag in a parade
And wear it on my sleeve
Frail like my busted knee

Busy as a honey bee's
Hard labor in a summer breeze
With you lying next to me
Our tandem breath a swollen symphony

This is a goal towards which you work
Not a trinket that you find
I added to an apology
About my peace of mind

The highways only lonesome
If you've got no where to go
I’m headed north Tacoma bound
To see an angel that i know

Change me like a chord
The minor two to the major four
A break in the clouds
A luxury that i can finally afford

Hey baby I ain't innocent
I might of said some things I never meant
A mother would be mortified
If she'd known about the things I lied

But here in your attic nest
Where garden gnomes guard the steep ascent
Close the door like a clasp
Let it happen baby let it last
Track Name: Words of Wisdom
You were staring at my hands
Like they were a corpse
Useless and with history
Beauty and remorse

You were wearing a shirt
That would let you breathe
The shadows of your breasts
Made it hard for me

To watch your words of wisdom
Stumble out your mouth
How you could change the world if you could just make rent
And grind along your route

The eighteen hour days
That grinded you away
Made your frail body
Glow in the summer shade

An exhausted pretty woman
Drinking in the sun
Reminded me of how long it'd been
Since I'd really known someone

And I watched your words of wisdom
Stumbled out your mouth
A steady stream of memories
You could never do without

Your hair placed carefully
By the unforgiving wind
The way you crossed your legs
And the breath that I held in

As I watched your words of wisdom
Stumble out your mouth
Shake the air and hit me hard
As I let myself breathe out
Track Name: Cars Look Like Crying
A straight and narrow path
On the frontside of life
A clean cut and shave
And the blurred hindsight
Of some friends passing through
And the bad wolf that bites
The hand that it's fed by
By bad things done right

The cars look like crying
In this Oregon rain
The tires slide slowly
As I stumble and wave
To be taken away
From the place I explore
The darkest of corners
And the grain of the floor

Oh sweet Maliya
You've done it again
You took all my money
And shame I could spend
The curtains were draped
As I drank in a den
You told me to touch you
In a way to pretend
That cold hearts connect
Through the simplest touch
My vulgar love craving
Your illusions and trust

The cars look like crying
In this Oregon rain
The tires slide slowly
As i stumble and wave
To take me to a home
Full of judgment and men
That depend on their cars
To cry for them.
Track Name: Father Redemption
This ain't how it used to be
This shell of me
Depleted by the
That if you work real hard
And love real good
An honest man you'll make
Of thee

Well i went to work in town
And loved the best i could
And mother fortune
Smiled on me
But nothing that I did
Could fill the void I hid
And fed with

I’ve got a story of silver, words of bronze
Memories and bygones
Weighing out the pros and cons
Looking for a lady to lean on
Father redemption come to me
Plant the flowers’ loving seeds
Keep me sober keep me free
From the devil’s company

So i planted me a garden
With flowers and food
To feed and
Comfort me
But the weeds took over fast
And the plants could not surpass
The shade beneath
My apple tree

Well the Sandy River’s cold
By many I was told
And to it’s rocky banks
I did flee
And I as held myself down
I remembered that the ground
Cannot grow a man’s
Track Name: Man of God
man of god

The way i brushed my hair
For a funeral
The pants I bought for the
Occasion on sale

A simple right of passage
Nothing i couldn't manage
Place my voice off to the side
Like the hair out of my swelling eyes

As a man of god's
Voice bounced off the walls
I made a man of me
Trying to hide it all

Keep your hands clasped night
And hold your jaw bone strong
Quietly pretend
That your callow ways have gone

A testamant a triumph
A simple act of a grace
The departed's careful crystals
Rollin down my face

Take care of your mother
And your sister too
Said the stoic grey men
That i had spoken too

Be calm like the snow
Let the storm inside you grow
And leave the kitchen light on
When you're finally prepared to go

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